Three Weeks Foodless!

Is “foodless” even a term? I think not! Anyway. I have gone on an unintended three-week hiatus from this food blog. That is because my grandma and one of my uncles from my father’s side flew here to the Philippines for a long one-month vacation. Therefore, I was not able to cook while they were here because we were out in restaurants most of the time. I was able to go to restaurants I have never been to, such as The Golden Cow Restaurant, which serves delicious Chinese foods. Mhm… they even serve my all-time-favorite Chinese dish, Eggplant with Minced Pork. It wasn’t as good as China Palace’s (California) version, but the essence is there, which I love. Sadly, the photos I took are not blog-worthy so I’m not posting them up.

Anywho, I am going to the grocery store today after school because I am whippin’ up something real exciting tomorrow! Hope you’ll all check it out when I post up the link. Hope you’re all having a good day and GOD BLESS!


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