Homemade Sushi Galore!

I have been craving for sushi for the past months and haven’t really satisfied that craving since there are no sushi joints established in my town. The closest sushi restaurant would be approximately 10 hours from where I live. So with that being said, I’ve decided to make my own sushi with a few variations. For my rice, I used regular rice but soaked it in water for at least 30 minutes to make it sticky. For my tuna rolls, I used cooked tuna because I don’t trust the raw tuna they sell around here. I also didn’t use Japanese mayo, I used regular mayo instead and mixed it with some local hot sauce. The fillings are totally up to your liking and preference but these are the ones I really have been craving the most: cucumber roll, spicy tuna roll, and California rolls. If there is an element in the dish that I would have done differently, it would be the sauce – I should have made it more thick. Other than that, I believe I did a good job, considering that I didn’t use a sushi mat! 🙂








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